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Kish Island, Iran’s Reputable Tourism Hub

If you want to experience traditional old-town charm without losing the modern day comfort, then pack your bag and head for kish via I.R. Iran International Airport or U.A.E without visa.
A very tranquil trip to a coral Island with azure waters and a beautiful sunset, away from the hustle and bustle.
Kish Island, Iran’s First Free Trade- Industrial Zone, with a total area of 90.57 square kilometers is located 18 kilometers off the southern coasts of the mainland, Iran. The shape of the Island is oval, measuring approximately fifteen kilometers long in the east-west and seven kilometers wide in the north-south direction. It is 240 km to Dubai. Kish offres the opportunity to relax and enjoy on clean, peaceful and not crowded beaches and it is a city with no traffic problem or even red lights.
Foreign nationals need no visa at the authorized arrival and departure points of Kish Island. At Kish international airport the officials will stamp your passport, which allows you to stay up to 14 days on the Island. This period is extendable up to six months and more.
Kish Island is also a gateway to the mainland Iran with its world of attractions. Tourist visas will be granted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Kish Office within 48 hours (Thursdays and Fridays are holidays).
It has abundant potentials for local and foreign investments with ideal investment advantages. Hospitality is among the most highly virtues of Iranian people living on the Island and you are sure to be charmed by their warmth and friendliness.
According to the 2004 census the population of Kish was 21674 people.
Native people of Kish Island wear traditional clothing, speak Farsi and Arabic and have remaind close to their heritage.
Tourist attractions and facilities have grown in recent years, with many international shopping malls and a wide range of sporting and leisure facilities which makes it an ideal family resort.
Other attractions include:

Greek Ship:
A Greek steamship named Koula F was stranded on the 25th of July 1966 and since then lies silently in the western extremity of Kish. Watching the sunset behind the Greek ship is an unforgettable & everlasting memory. There is also a beach park for tourists.

Kish Cycling track:
Cycling track stretches all around the Island. Cycling is a popular sprot in Kish & public cycling days are arranged by Kish Free Zone Organization in order to encourage people to cycle.

Horseback Riding club:
Riding Club is located in the Olympic village and horse racing is a favorite sport in kish and races are held throughout wintertime.

Scuba Diving:
Diving is an ideal sport in Kish because of the exquisite coral reefs and rare fish species. Kish diving School offers padi courses with certificate for divers. Interested tourists can experience the world of underwater and its wonders.
Kish Marine Sports clubs with modern facilities and marine sports equipment include: jet-ski, water ski, parachute, yachts, sailboats and windsurf, etc.

Glass-bottomed Boats:
Riding these is a convenient way to watch the unique Kish underwater world. The boats are aquipped with spotlights which afford clear viewing up to a reasonable depth at nights.

A unique collection of of salt and frech water fishes of Iran’s and the world’s reptiles, rare species of birds and small mammals is available in this aquarium & its scientific part includes: taxidermy and paleontology. There are two huge aquariums to display sharks, big fishes and fresh water marine life.

Dolphin park:
Thousands of palm trees, a collection of unique cactuses and an exotic bird garden attract tourists. Dolphin and other sea mamals amuse visitors with wonderful shows.

Maryam Bowling:
For get-togethers with friends and family, no sport is more fun than bowling. Maryam Bowling Center is located near Shayan Hotel. It offers 16 lanes (miximum 6 bowlers per lane). This center feautring digital scoring system and display moniters equipped with cameras up to standard level is sutiable for international games. This complex offers standard tables of billiard, 8-ball and snooker.

Qanat of Kish (Kariz) is the underground city with an antiquity of 2000 years. A sightseeing complex called Underground kariz City has been built. There are vast tourism plans with a properous future.

In order to use the qanat water, sharply sloping downward stairways were built by the ancient inhabitants. Five such stairways, known as payabs have been identifie. One has been repaired and a traditional restautant & teahouse are established there.

Harireh ancient city:
Harireh with 800 years antiquity was the center of trade between Far East and Europe in Iran. Archeological finds unearthed include a merchant residence and its bathroom, the city industrial district and a mosque which are free to the public.

Kish Marina:
Iran’s biggest recreational marina is recently built in kish and located at the eastern side of the Island. It is 415 meters long and 18 meters wide.

There are 45 Hotels, Hotels Apartments and Inns with about 9000 beds and lots of restaurants.
We wish you a prosperous stay on Kish, the Green Island of the Persian Gulf, which satisfies every taste.


Press Release Date: September 2006
Public Relations & international Affairs
Kish Free Zone Organization

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